Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Negativity Monster

Negativity.  It surrounds us on a daily basis in a variety of ways. Bombarding us in the most likely and unlikely of ways. Wake up in the morning and BOOM, simply waking up causes the negativity to start flowing in our minds, or maybe we are having a great day and that one little inconveniently placed person we run into just rubs us the wrong way.

It seems unfair to me that our minds can run away with untrue thoughts and self doubts that are completely exaggerated or pushed upon us by someones bad attitude. The older I get the more I understand and accept that I can only control myself, my own attitude, thoughts and reactions, but I also need to remember that those choices regarding my own personal stuff directly effects anyone I am in contact with. When I was a teenager if I was in a bad mood, or tired or simply irritated the whole world would know it and that's the way I wanted it to be. Everyone knows what I am talking about, you have met people like this. The type of person who no matter what some one does, says or doesn't say or do this negative person is going to be one big sour puss and they are going to make sure everyone with in a 20 mile radius is aware of their negativity, grouchiness, disapproval, or impatience...what ever the case may be. 

Without throwing anyone I love under the bus lets just say, I've been around theses types of people for basically my entire life and have learned how to conduct myself in the face of the negativity monster. The hardest part is not believing our own lies that we create in our minds or that we let people speak into our minds. 

When I am feeling really down on myself or super negative I try to have this mental talk with myself. Most the time I write it down on paper or type it out because its like free therapy in my opinion. I will sit down and just think for awhile and I let my self brag and boast and talk myself up like I never ever would to anyone face. I will find all the areas in my life that I am beyond proud of, that I know I succeed in. I will look in the mirror at the favorite part of my body and just go on and on about how fabulous I am. Now, I realize no one is perfect...everyone has flaw. But you can't sit here and tell me there is ONE thing you like about yourself or are proud of in your life. Focus on that, build on that and completely immerse yourself in the positivity of the amazing uniqueness of yourself. 

Call me corny, or totally cheesy but it works. I'll give you an example....only because I am trusting that no one will judging me on writing about myself. haha When I'm having a day where I feel like everything is wrong, and I have no patience and Im tired and don't want to do anything. I will sit at my computer with some nice soft relaxing music and remind myself I am twenty three years old. Only twenty three! What twenty three year old has a husband and a 2 year old and maintains a steady job, exercises regularly, cooks, cleans (everything), does laundry, pays the bills, keeps her husband happy, her son happy, her family happy, her friends happy and I just keep going on and on focusing on the things I am proud of and why I do them.

This is where you have to be careful its so easy for me to say "Well I'm sure there are other 23 year old women who do more, who has 2 or 3 kids and works FULL TIME and blah blah...." NO! NO! NO! STOP! We aren't talking about other women, or other people or anything. We are talking about you...your personal accomplishments and awesomeness. Do not allow yourself to go on a comparing rampage. You will feel 10 times worse. Allow yourself to soak in positivity, its all about the mindset. Its all about your attitude.

If you choose to be positive it makes a world of a difference in your entire life. You relationships with people, and the way you go about accomplishing your goals and aspirations. 

Please know that all of this is all very new for myself as well so I can't talk as if I am an expert but I will tell you what the past 4 years of my life are living proof that if you choose your own attitude and positivity and how are you are going to work at things daily, that your life can completely change. You don't have to be a slave to negativity. God gives you the tools to change your life and your attitude, use them.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunshine and Christmas Decorations!

Its December already! I can't believe it and what I can't believe even more than that is...there is NO SNOW in northern Michigan yet. How insane is that. Notice the new layout...that's snowy enough for me :) Jacob and I were talking yesterday about how incredibly awesome it would be if we only had 2-3 months of snow this year (completely unlikely) but hey we can dream right?

Well I already decorated the house for Christmas, which for me is huge! Its only December 5th!!! Normally I throw something together on Christmas Eve and then get irritated that I didn't do anything sooner. We just need our tree and we will be all set! Such a sense of accomplishment and pride. I love knowing that simple little things make my heart sing with contentment. The fact that the laundry is done, the dishes are scarce (oh don't judge yours aren't always finished either) and the house is picked up and decorated makes me just smile at my hard work.

I am not one of those people who magically have a perfect house all day, everyday. Its something I work at very very hard on a constant basis. You know those crazy people who can't go 30 minutes with their house in upheaval, or the type who follow their kids around cleaning up as they play....yeah well I'm not that type of mom, or person. I love love love a clean organized house, and chances are I will be very irritable and a bit frazzled if it's not picked up but for some reason that still doesn't magically keep my house looking nice 24/7.

I figure sometimes a messy house is a happy house. I love the quote "Don't mind the mess, we are busy making memories" That perfectly describes me and my family :)

God has been teaching me this small things is quiet ways lately. So quiet in fact, that until I sat down to write and I took the time to think, I barely recognized it. He is slowly, and quietly teaching me that in order to be a better wife, a better mother and a better person I need to take the time for myself. That doesn't mean I need to go on a spa day once a month or go on a shopping spree all for myself. He is showing me that it means taking care of myself in the smallest ways. I need to get enough rest, and make time to exercise and most importantly make Him and His word part of my DAILY not weekly routine.

All of that seems so simple but its so easy for me to get distracted by things that appear to be more important or fun at the time. Spending 2 hours on facebook, pinterest, netflix and other things on my computer can definitely be cut back to hmm...30mins or so and free up a lot of important time for other things that are better for me.

Sleep has been a big issue for me, I always know I need more but always fool myself into thinking I'll be fine without it. The truth of the matter is if I don't take the time to sleep it makes me more impatient which in turn makes me into no fun to be I'm being unfair to Asher, Jacob and anyone else who crosses my path when I'm over tired.

If I dont' take the time to immerse myself in God's word daily then I am setting myself up to be attacked by satan himself. He will take full advantage of the fact I am vulnerable.

So there is my little snippet of what I've been learning lately. and now my friends, its time to eat my newly discovered favorite food (Japanese rice) and spend some time with the big guy upstairs while Asher boy is napping.

Hey go crack your Bible open, I promise you won't regret it :) Oh and Listen to the song "Give me faith" by Elevation Worship--its the video above :D

Love and peace.