Monday, October 10, 2011

The power of music

SURPRISE I'm back on schedule!! 

Your probably thinking this is going to be a really heart felt post about how music has touched me in a powerful way. I could totally do a post like that but frankly I'm not in a very serious mood today. :D

Its amazing how putting on some good music whether that means "oldies" from the 90's (you know you love N*sync and Spice Girls) or some Beyonce, Dave Matthews, or some up-lifting Christian praise music can change your whole day. I love all types of music. Nothing beats putting on whatever I'm in the mood for and having a karaoke dance session. Guaranteed if you ever unexpectedly show up at my house on my day off  you will find me un-showered, in my pj's and music on and me dancing and singing while going about my day. hehe Which could be anything from cleaning the kitchen to playing with Asher.

Speaking of which, allow me to pause for the next 4 mins as one of my current favs in on my Pandora....I know you would never know but I'm actually singing and dancing while writing this post.

I love that God  gave us such great things such as music to improve our moods and our day. To comfort us the way nothing else can.

Thank you God for the simple things in life. Show you how much you truly do love us.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Not feeling like myself lately...

I am having a hard time writing. This English 111 class and all my other duties are running me ragged lately. Please bare with me. I'm hoping to gain some inspiration and insight soon. I feel so tapped out, tired and dry. I suppose this is the time where I should push the hardest but right now at this moment.... I feel like I can't say much more, other than its 12 am, I worked all day, did  homework until 5 mins ago and have to be up at 6am. I don't mean to complain....

just have patience with me. Please stay interested. I promise I'll be back to myself again soon.