Saturday, June 25, 2011

Easy never comes easily

After writing the title to this post I realized how undeniably perfect that title is for NUMEROUS things in my life. In fact, I just might change my blog title to "easy never comes easily." Its just such a beautifully, intoxicating way of describing me, my life and everything. As much as I enjoy simplicity I must admit my life is anything but simplistic. That could actually be why I enjoy simplicity so much and why the simple small little details in life are what make me the happiest.

Some of my fondest memories of childhood don't include things such as television, Internet, new toys, the best clothes or anything of that sort. My favorite times are when I am as far away from those things as possible, in a place where possessions and your appearance just plain don't matter. I am a free spirited, dance in the rain, travel the world, hippie child at heart. Its not very realistic for me to be that way but in my heart of hearts I'm running wild and free with braids in my hair, a peace sign and smelling of fresh jasmine. Just the idea of that puts a huge smile on my face.

Now that I am an adult with a husband, a son, and lots of bills to pay-- I find my heart dreaming of simplicity. Don't get me wrong, I don't dream of being alone or a different life. What I would give for a day free of stress, free of worry, free of obligations. A day where my husband, son and I could just BE. No schedules, no having to check our bank account, no phone calls, no emails, no time constraints....JUST LIVING. Waking up when we feel like it, eating breakfast at noon, and laying on the beach or hiking around the sand dunes, taking a swim and not worrying about the sand getting in uncomfortable places, not worrying about our hair and my make-up, or what clothes we are wearing that day. Not worrying about the work that lies ahead or about how we are going to make ends meat. Boy, oh boy that's how I imagine heaven. Perfection in the presence of God, with everything our hearts desire and SO MUCH more. I can't wait for that glorious day.

So my post today was a bit more random than I would have liked, but I think my soul needed that moment. The moment the sit and enjoy and ponder the fact that one day life will be everything we want. It most certainly will not be here on earth (THANK GOD) but it gives me hope in knowing its coming. And its coming sooner than any of us can know. Could be tomorrow- Could be next week- Could be 3 minutes from now. Are you ready? I sure am.

Because even though my life on this earth is anything but easy...I have the life of my imagination in heaven just waiting for me.


  1. AMBER! This is beautiful ... I love it! And I am right next to you dancing in the rain in my mind :)

  2. Oh Amber darling... I love it!!! I completely understand too. It was as you put it a great soul moment. :)

  3. "Perfection in the presence of God, with everything our hearts desire and SO MUCH more." this is EXACTLY how I think of heaven. Thank you for articulating it so well! <3