Monday, August 22, 2011

Pro-cras-ti-nate: to put off intentionally and habitually (verb)

Its time for a non intelligent post. haha I'm sitting here bored as a gourd at work, with a pile of papers to be working on and frankly I'm just not feeling it today. I will get it done before I have to leave (like always) but I figured I'd goof off, and be bored for awhile first. Pretty typical for me. I tend to procrastinate while procrastinating. Like right now, It's taken me forever to get this far in my post because facebook, craigslist, youtube, the telly, texting, eating, drinking a coke and going pee ALL interrupted my procrastination post. And people wonder why I never finished college....HA. Case and Point people; its called A.D.D and add in O.C.D and we got a fun ball of crazy Amber-ness to deal with.

Okay- moving on. What I do when I'm bored....well first off Jenna Marbles youtube videos. I'd admit they are rather vulgar but flippin hilarious at the same time. I want to be her best friend.

OKAY BEST PART OF THIS!!! haha I started writing this maybe a week ago now....and I NEVER FINISHED AND POSTED IT! hahahaha Master of all procrastination. That has to change now, seeing as I enrolled myself to go back to college. Yes, thats right you heard me....I'm going back to school. I am now taking an online English 111 course. Which makes me laugh and cry all in the same sentence considering this is my 3rd time enrolled in English 111. The other two times....well I was pregnant both times (lame excuse) but I claim Asher was eating my brain (: but the other two times I was just extremely distracted and not ready to continue my learning. Now 2 years later I feel renewed and ready to kick some a-s-s to be completely honest. I know exactly what needs to be done and I know I can rock it so time to put English 111 behind me.

On that note, it is now almost 10pm and I have an extremely long day ahead of me friends, family or whoever the heck you are reading this. Have a lovely night, evening, day, morning whatever time this post shall find you I wish you happiness in the following time ahead of you.