Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Smile! There's poop in your pants

I'm sure I caught your attention from the title of this post. It certainly makes me laugh every time I read it; but there is a story behind it. Which you probably guessed by now, hence why your reading.

So allow me to set the stage. Please picture this in your mind for if you do it will make this story so much more enjoyable.

Its 8am your just waking up, yawning, stretching, trying to convince yourself to get out of bed. You finally roll yourself out of bed, start a pot of coffee and get your 2 year old up. He is in a pretty good mood, a little demanding but that's normal because he is always hungry in the morning. So you get him some cereal and some juice set him up with his favorite TV show and then proceed to hop in the shower. When your shower is finished you smell the over whelming smell of poop....then it hits you, you forgot to change little mans diaper when he first awoke from the night. Panic sets in you run to make sure you don't find the unthinkable, you practically slip and fall as your run out the bathroom only to find him sitting on the floor smiling and still watching TV. Relief! So you proceed to get dressed, so your not changing the kids diaper in the buff. After dressing you grab a diaper and head to wrangle the crazy creature with an unforeseen amount of energy. He is running around doing all he can for you not to catch him, laughing and smiling thinking he is playing a game of chase. Then you finally pin him down and you go to take off his pj's to change the unbelievable nasty smelling diaper of death and you start to gag. Now unless you have children or have changed an ungodly amount of diapers you know after 2 years of this its VERY VERY RARE to gag from the smell. I was worried, and extremely disgusted. Okay, the stage is set....your imagining all of this is your comes the good part.

I pull down his pants from his waist when all of sudden poop is everywhere. AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE. All over him, all over me, all over the floor, all inside his pants....its as if someone had cut a hole into the poor kids diaper and he was running around with POOP FILLED PANTS! Now, its nearing 8:45 the time we need to leave and I could very easily get upset at the fact that this mess is going to take at least 20 minutes to clean up, while I let the kid soak and then I realize I can't take another shower I simply don't have time.  Then Asher just busts out laughing, a big huge belly laugh like its the funniest thing that's ever  happened. So in response I do the same thing...I start dying of laughter! Here we are mom and son sitting/laying in a pile of the nastiest smell poop ever and we are laughing hysterically.

That's when it hits me, he has been smiling and laughing this whole time! Even with poop filled pants! I couldn't help but continue to laugh at the thought of how uncomfortable and annoying it must be to be running around with poop filled pants yet my adorable (and smelly) 2 year old finds it completely amusing.

I feel like its something I should apply to my life. Even though I may not be in the more comfortable or even nice circumstances, I should still smile, laugh and be happy. I know it won't stay that way forever. I should be happy know that it will eventually be "cleaned up".  Asher knew that mommy would have to come and clean up the poop sooner or later....he wasn't going to be stuck wearing poop filled pants for too long. Shouldn't we feel the same way about our lives? God won't allow us to soak in our crap forever. In fact it will most likely be a very short amount of time, but it may feel long to us because obviously "poop filled pants" are not ideal. Most people are going through poopy times in their lives, no one has a perfect life even though we like to put on a nice fake front and make people think we are perfect.

I'm choosing to stay positive, happy and smile: even though there is a whole bunch of poop in my pants! Enjoy it, for it won't last forever and take heart in know our Daddy will make everything nice clean again!

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  1. Amber -
    this is amazing! oh how often you just make me smile and giggle and realize how precious life is