Saturday, July 2, 2011

Something a little different

I do all sorts of writing. I write short stories, poetry, free writings, blogs, rhymes and believe it or not I even started a memoir.  All you have had the pleasure of reading (if you've been following my posts) is basically my thoughts from that day, something that made an impression on me or got me thinking. It's not exactly poetic, and its more like a conversation. Something I'd want to share with others. The reason why I write this way majority of the time is because its easiest. I hope you have learned from my posts that when I say its the easiest does not mean its easy for me. All writing is a challenge, a test, a learning experience, and tonight will be no different. Oh and by the way, I didn't bother to take the time to mess with my HTML and make the font match. I'm tuckered out tonight :)

I wanted to express a different side of myself......

I Hope You Know These Things                      Written by Amber Holcomb (DUH)

You might not see her,
You might not care,
You might not like her,
Just know she's always there.

Despite your imperfections,
Despite your flaws,
Despite your lack of patience,
Just listen to the applause.

Despite the lack of confidence,
Despite your attitude,
Despite your hurtfulness,
Just know the gratitude. 

Even though your convinced she'll leave,
Even though your afraid to let her in,
Even though she hurt you deeply,
Remember to forgive her sin.

So when you feel like yelling,
So when you feel like blaming,
Please stop and think for a minute,
Of all the hurt you'll be creating.

I'll never stop loving you,
I'll never stop caring,
I'll never stop thinking,
About the symbol of  this ring I'm wearing.

Its means forever,
Its means your mine,
It means no matter what,
our hearts will be entwined.

Might I just add that I have not been able to write something like this in a VERY VERY long time. Its not hard to guess that this was written to for my husband. I will openly admit (as I'm sure he would as well) that marriage is one of thee hardest things either of us has chosen to do in our lives-- yet it is completely worth it. Every step, every argument, every petty detail, every laugh, every whisper, every moment, even every time our feelings get hurt its still worth it. 

I personally have a very difficult time putting into words such strong emotions, and moments and such intimate affairs; because they mean so much to me and I'm so passionate that I get afraid of messing up the moment by writing about it. May sound silly, but its the truth. So after my writing from tonight, I'm feel accomplished, proud and so loved by an amazing man (despite all his frustrating flaws mixed in with mine). I am blessed. So very blessed, Thank Lord for....... MY LIFE.

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