Friday, July 13, 2012

Bye bye bye to Facebook!!

I am feeling so incredibly liberated because I just deleted my Facebook applications and decided to resign from a Facebook filled life! So glorious!!! This will now be my main mode of sharing and communicating, minus email of course. I will be posting more often and starting to include pictures and videos of Asher. Just want to update reminding everyone I haven't completely deserted them, although most act like it when I broke the news of NO Facebook *gasp* how can I survive?! Just fine is how, infact I promise my life and all who are present in it will appreciate my Facebook free lifestyle. YES, I dare to be different :) Off to snuggle with the little Mr. for some quiet reading Sun soaked cheeks and Happy shrieks! -Amber


  1. Good for you , taking control of your life like that!

  2. Thank you, you understand completely. It's about only putting things into my life that better it and better me and Facebook is like a leech. A time suckin, drama filled leech that I don't desire one bit. This is still a personal way of sharing with people I care about with out all the other crap of Facebook that I don't like! :)