Monday, July 16, 2012

Lifelong learning

Yesterday I went to church and while I was sitting there alone, wishing my husband wasn't curled up in bed; I started to realize just how much God has been working in my life. I've always been independent as Ive talked about several times in this blog but I don't know if I have ever explained that I don't always ENJOY being independent. Not only am I independent and rather stubborn at times I am also an extremely social person. When I was younger there was nothing worse then being alone, or doing something alone and heaven forbid I ever had to go somewhere (like church) alone.

I am now finding that God has been teaching me to cherish my alone time, or semi-alone considering Asher is obviously attached to my hip. To imagine myself 4 years ago sitting alone in church and actually enjoy it seems impossible. I am telling you its the little things God works in and through. Doing things alone may not seem like a big deal to other but for me it was learning about contentment and quietness and embracing the time and using it wisely instead of wasting it wishing I was doing something fun with a friend.

This definitely ties back into why I am no longer on facebook. I feel like a lot of people use facebook as a crutch or an excuse, which it is so easy to do. They don't have to go out and see people or call and talk because everyone has facebook. But I am srry facebook is just so....impersonal but also (depending on the person) way too personal. I never needed to know some peoples ENTIRE daily schedule with constant status updates and "check-ins" all day long. Stalker much?

I am so glad I am one of few who still values true friendship and communication. Trust me, computer to computer is NO way to spend a friendship.

I also have really become to value my time and become more thankful for the way my days are set out without feeling the need to be connected. I am now taking maybe 20-40 minutes spread out through out the day to check my email and write on my blog....instead of hours and hours and hours with facebook just chillin in the background.

I know, I know I could show some self restraint in this department and just NOT get on facebook but like I said there are many other reasons why facebook is no longer in my list of interests.

Well I guess this is my little note for the day, I'll leave you with a picture of Mr Adorable and his new craft supplies we bought while shopping today.

Sun soaked cheeks and Happy Shrieks!

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  1. He looks so happy, I sure do miss him. Loys of love and kisses!