Friday, May 24, 2013

Pushing through my jumbled mind

I cant even begin to explain how often my mind sits and contemplates the idea of inspiration or creativity and creativeness. I've actually never considered myself a creative person. It was always a trait I wanted to obtain and work towards. I have this unbelievable deep seated desire to help people, change the world and leave some sort of legacy. I want to be irreplaceable and in my mind to become irreplaceable and leave a legacy I must inspire and be creative. I'm starting to question if that is entirely true. Do I put to much pressure on my own "creative process" by put restraints on myself? By telling myself I'm not creative enough or I need to inspired in order to create? I've said this before but I'll say it again I'm beginning to learn that inspiration and creating just doesn't happen. It doesn't just strike although I do have moments where I feel like that is the case. Overall inspiration and creativity are just things I need to continue to do. Any time I take the time to write, blog, or just critically think that is creative, that is inspired. My mind is growing whether or not other people are appreciating or benefiting. The purpose of engaging my mind shouldn't be directed only so others will notice, benefit or appreciate. It should be at times a very personal thing, for me and me only.

I've always used writing as therapy, and to organize my thoughts but maybe its time to broaden my horizons. I think its time for me to have other outlets of creativity. Infact, Im going to go do that now and although this is an abrupt ending that's all I have for today. Its me time. 

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  1. I know what you mean!! I often feel frustrated at my lack of inspiration. And much of the time, when those moments of gusto hit to create something, I'm displeased with how my project turned out. Thus the reason why I have a bajillion art supplies that never get used!! I was doing really good journaling, but having kids somehow zaps all my time!!! Keep it up lady!!! Love ya!!!