Saturday, October 13, 2012

Back and in Charm City!

Never thought I would ever say this but I have started a new journey, and where has it taken me? Charm City aka Baltimore, Maryland. Shocking? Yes I know, I myself still wake up thinking I'm on some strange vacation in which I brought my entire house and life with me instead of escaping it all. We have not been here extremely long but just long enough to where you would think reality should have set in and I would have realized I'm ACTUALLY living here now. Yet, I still find myself oddly comfortable with the idea that this is temporary. Maybe its my crazy way of coping, actually not maybe I guarantee this is my way of coping with everything. There will come a day when it all hits me like a ton a bricks, I'm sure of it, but until said day I'll just on going about my unpacking and usual mommy/wifely duties.

We found a great place to rent here. A nice quiet, family oriented townhouse development outside of the major downtown area yet conveniently close to absolutely everything. Its the biggest place I've ever lived and despite how old it is, I'm LOVING the space. 3 stories, 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths sounds like a made up dream home I would have fainted over 2 years ago. Now I call this historic diamond in the rough my home! It needs some serious work, but now that I'm a stay at home mom again I can devote some time to truly turning this into the house I've always wanted. I can paint, and re-decorate...pretty much anything I want :) It will definitely keep me busy not that Asher doesn't do that already.

One thing I am very excited about is being able to be home with Asher and do lots of fun projects with him and hobbies I have been wanting to start but not feeling like I had adequate time for. Now if only I could magically get this house unpack and in order. Oh and CLEAN, it was more than filthy when we moved in. Never fun to clean other peoples dirt but hey, we got the house we wanted. So its going to be worth it.

Now that I have even more people that want to keep in touch since we are over 700 miles away; I will be doing my best to stay consistent with blogging. Should be easier now that I am not working outside of the house. Keep your fingers crossed.

All my love to Michigan.

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